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Beginner’s Classes

Completely new to boxing fitness classes? Come along to our Beginner’s Class at 7.30pm Monday or 7pm Thursday. Our class trainer will help you with everything – from hand wraps to punch combos. And remember, your first class is free, book one in today!

Class Times: 7.30pm Monday, 7.30pm Wednesday & 7.00pm Thursday
Class Duration: 60 Minutes


BoxFit is our main boxing fitness class here at the Alley – a dynamic boxing workout that includes all-body exercises to boost your fitness levels and core conditioning. Try our BoxBlast class, a shortened but more intense class to get your day off to a flying start!

BoxFit Times: Mornings to Evenings, Monday to Sunday
Class Duration: 45 Minutes (Morning & Noon), 60 Minutes (Evening)


PadFit is our NEW fitness class specifically utilising focus pads. Partner up with another classmate and take part in a fast-paced workout, whilst learning and improving proper boxing technique and combinations. Try our PadBlast class, a shorter, more intense class!

Class Times: 6.30pm Monday, 5.30pm Tuesday,Thursday, 6.00am Wednesday, 10.15am Saturday
Class Duration: 60 Minutes, 45 Minutes (Saturday)

Skills (Non-Contact)

Build and refine your skills in this non-contact class. This class will involve pad work and various drills to develop your boxing technique, giving you a strong platform to build on.

Class Time: 7.30pm Tuesday & Thursday
Class Duration: 60 Minutes


Put what you’ve learnt to the test in this sparring session, with a trainer supervising and providing feedback on your technique. Head gear and mouth guard required. Keen to step in the ring?

Class Times: 6.30pm Thursday
Class Duration: 60 Minutes
16oz gloves, mouthguard and headguard required (shop online)

Kids Classes

Need a new and effective afterschool activity for the kids? Our Kids Classes are a no-contact boxing fitness class to help build self-confidence, discipline and coordination. We have kids boxing gloves here to use, however we recommend purchasing your own at
Class Times: 4.45pm Tue & Thu (Ages 10-13)
Class Duration: 45 Minutes
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