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Words From Some Of Our Clients

“Not only does it provide a great workout but is great for team building and getting to know each other in a fun environment outside of the office. The group fitness class style caters for all fitness types, from those wanting a really hard vigorous workout to those that are there to have some fun and release some stress. The team really enjoys the mix of boxing and general fitness exercises. Great value and great fun.”
Wade Kirkland, CFO, Ogilvy & Mather
“We are a mix of 30s, 40s and 50+ boys and girls. Whilst we are of differing fitness levels we can work out as a group and all get a lot out of it. For some of us it is the only opportunity exercise in the week and it has kick started a desire to be healthier and fitter for all of us. There is a real sense of belonging in the gym, there are no posers and wanna-be’s – just a bunch of different people hitting bags and sweating more than you’ll ever sweat. The sessions can be hard but everyone always looks forward to the next one.”
Darryl Eastgate, Director, DBR Property Financiers