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Give it a go!

Anyone can box – no matter what age, body type, weight or ability. Select from one of our trial classes below and see what we’re all about. If you’re completely new to boxing fitness, our Beginner’s Class will be the perfect place to start.


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What if I’ve never boxed before?

No problem! We have Beginner’s Classes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our class instructors will guide you, support you and help you whilst getting a sweat on.

What should I bring?

We’ve got gloves here to use for your first session. All you’ll need is your usual fitness attire, comfortable running shoes and a water bottle!

Where can I park?

We have plenty of parking on Parnell Rise and nearby streets. Click here to view our map.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we’ve got a shower facility and changing rooms here at Boxing Alley for you to use.

Where can I get my own gear?

We’ve got gloves and other gear available at the gym. If you’d like to order online, hop onto

I’ve got more questions.

Feel free to give us a text or call on 0210626257 for any other queries that you may have!

Boxing Alley offers 45-minute group fitness sessions utilising the benefits of boxing and tailored exercises to create the ultimate full body workout. Get fit in a fun environment with our weekly classes, personal training and corporate wellness programmes.